Solar PV Solutions

According to the Palestinian Solar Initiative (PSI), people are now able to install a 5-kW solar PV system and sell the electricity produced to the regional Electricity Company at encouraging feed-in-tariff rates.

A 5-kW system produces about 725 kWh monthly, which is sold to the Electricity Company at the same feed-in-tariff rate agreed upon for the whole duration of the system lifetime of at least 20 years.
Furthermore, the Renewable Energy Strategy enables the commercial and industrial sectors to acquire licenses to install solar PV systems and produce their need of electricity, lowering their annual operations costs endured.
Sunergy for Renewable Energy Solutions provides and installs high quality systems with an expected investment rate of return of maximum 7 years, and expected system lifetime of 25 years. Each system is designed according to the customer’s current and expected power consumption, where a system with 5 kW capacity produces around 25 kWh daily.
In addition to providing Solar PV System, Sunergy also provides wind power systems with daily production rates of up to 35 kWh (depending on the location).