The Company


Sunergy for Renewable Energy Solutions is a privately-owned Palestinian company that aims at providing alternative sources of energy at lower cost using state-of- the- art technology. We consolidate the World’s latest expertise and resources to bring to Palestine the best practices and provide full solutions.  

We: Design full green energy solutions, Supply the Appropriate Hardware, latest technology, Install and commission, and Provide after sales support and maintenance.


Our Vision

To be the catalyst for providing renewable energy solutions in Palestine, by changing mindsets and promoting the use of Palestine’s natural resources.

Our Mission

.To accelerate the Palestinian market for sustainable energy by acting as a solution provider of efficient & alternative energy resources.

· To inform the public about the new energy alternatives to promote cheaper and cleaner energy

· To contribute towards Palestinian energy independence by cultivating its own natural resources into usable energy avenues

· To employ cutting edge technology in providing efficient energy solutions for clients